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From the skilful weaving of the finest yarns comes the new Di Maestro collection: stylish bed and duvet cover sets, soft towels and bathrobes, a winning combination of Italian craftsmanship and stylistic research, to adorn your home with elegance and style.

Vigneti in autunno Rua di Feletto

Born in the midst of vineyards, on the steep hills where Prosecco wine grapes flourish, Di Maestro is a hymn to the timeless elegance of the finest Italian textile tradition. It is innovation and tradition. It is a homage to Italian creativity and style. It is seduction and enchantment. It is the pleasure of living in warm, tasteful surroundings, immersed in beauty and harmony; aesthetics which come straight from the heart.

Collezione Di Maestro




by Luca Calvani

Born from the encounter between the creativity  by Luca Calvani, actor and director, combined with the professionalism and experience of Di Maestro, a very Italian company that has been producing for over 50 years respecting the Planet, Tuscan Cottage is a iconic collection, with great charm, perfect fusion of comfort and refinement, style  and attention to detail.

Tuscan Cottage is love for the authentic made in Italy, it is respect for tradition and innate talent for innovation,  is style, care, quality, design, which add a pinch of class to any environment , making it a warm and welcoming place . 

Cuscini Tuscan Cottage Le Gusciane
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