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Di Maestro Italia Colline Treviso
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It is the elegance of home. It is innovation and tradition. It is an expression of serenity and well-being.
It is a tribute to Italian creativity and style.
It is the search for the best cottons, soft as caresses in contact with the skin and resistant to daily use.
It is the desire to pass on the beauty of ancient patterns, interpreting them in a contemporary key, to create objects of eternal charm.
It is the pleasure of living in warm, welcoming environments with a refined taste, surrounded by harmony, beauty and things made with the heart.

Di Maestro



They evoke a passion for the charm of Italian style and handcrafted products.

The careful selection of raw materials, soft and very pleasant in contact with the skin and, at the same time, resistant to washing and daily use, the attention to detail, the stylistic choice to interpret traditional designs and motifs in a contemporary key textile, create products of timeless elegance and charm.

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